What is a Cognitive Assessment?

What is… #2.

What is a cognitive assessment?

It is a means of comparing a range of thinking skills to each other, and to a large sample of other people of the same age. This helps to determine what are the areas of strength of the person, and any areas that may be more difficult for that person. Thinking skills include memory, processing speed (how quickly you can complete a task), verbal and non verbal reasoning (problem solving using words or images). It can also include executive functioning (e.g. planning, impulse control), attention and concentration.

During a cognitive assessment you would be asked to complete puzzles, to answer some questions verbally or to write down answers. You would usually be given a range of different tasks to help look at and compare different thinking skills.

You should be provided with a summary of the results and some recommendations for how to use your strengths in order to compensate for areas of difficulty. This may relate to a school, work or home environment. If you don’t understand the report, do ask!

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