I offer effective therapeutic approaches for both adults and for children and families. I believe that with a good holistic assessment and by working towards a clear goal, change can happen in very few sessions.

You may have tried therapy before, or this may be the first time you have considered speaking to someone about the challenges you are facing or concerns about a friend or family member. It takes courage to recognise and face up to difficulties, so even starting to look up support on the internet is a positive step forwards.

Talking to a professional can be very beneficial when other things that you have tried haven’t worked.  As a Clinical Psychologist, I am trained to bring in a number of different therapeutic approaches to tailor a plan to your individual needs. This will be based on an assessment of your circumstances during the first two meetings. All of the approaches I use are backed up by research evidence for their effectiveness and are time limited.

Based on the assessment we will make a plan together of the number of sessions that are likely to be needed and we will monitor your progress towards your goals regularly. We may decide to space out sessions to weekly, fortnightly or monthly, in order for you to have the chance to try out ideas in between.

The meetings will use one or more approaches from:

*Solution Focussed Therapy develops a clear picture of your hopes for the future and identifies your existing strengths and resources that can be drawn on as well as new ideas to try.

* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) a practical approach to change for common concerns such as general and social anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive problems and depression.

*Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) a therapy for post traumatic stress symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks and avoidance of triggering situations.

* Systemic Therapy, which considers your experience in relation to your environment; family, friends, community, gender, age, sexuality, culture.

*Compassion focussed therapy helps to challenge your inner critic and encourage self care and kindness.

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